Below are letters received from previous awardees of our scholarships.
Olivia Skelling - Rosehill College
This year I started studying for a conjoint Law and Arts degree at the University of Auckland. For my arts degree, I took a range of courses - Italian, Spanish, Psychology, and Ancient History. I really enjoyed all of my courses, I'm proud of the work I put in this year as my overall grades range from B+ to A+.  During the year I also got a main role in a theatre production run by the university's drama club, which was extremely fun and exciting! Over the summer holidays, I plan to work as much as I can, as well as getting in a bit of relaxation before starting it all over again next year!
Olivia S
Nabaa Faisal
I am doing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Criminology at the University of Auckland. In my first semester I passed all classes with an A+, A or A- and I'm on track to do the the same in Semester 2. So far I've enjoyed University, although it was a big step up from high school and it took a while to adjust, I've had a really good first year. I have met some wonderful people this year and they have made my first year a lot of fun and hopefully I'll be able to meet more people in my following years of study. A special moment from this year was being awarded a Certificate of Distinction in Statistics. Being awarded this certificate in my first semester of Uni really helped me feel a lot more confident and assured me that if I put in the effort, I can do well in University. These holidays I am working full time so I can support my studies next year where I will be back at University at the end of February. I want to thank the Rotary Club of Papakura, again, for the scholarship, which helped me towards purchasing a new laptop and textbooks that I needed for my classes this year. I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and New Year.