Hi my name is Hannah Ford,

I am extremely grateful and proud to be a recipient for the Rotary Club scholarship. I I have just finished my journey at Rosehill College where I spent the last 5 years of my life there. I am currently on exam leave with my first exam coming up in a few days - which is exciting! I have been extremely lucky at Rosehill College to have had the best teachers which have all helped me gain excellence endorsement in level 1 and in level 2 with multiple subject excellence endorsements. 

My plans for next year is that I intend on going down to Otago University where I will be studying a Bachelor of Arts and Science majoring in Human Nutrition and physcology. I am extremely excited for this next chapter of my life as it has always been a dream of mine since I was little to go down to Otago University and fulfil my dreams. My long term goal is to become a qualified Nutritionist where I can help a variety of people in all different aspects in life. This is a strong passion of mine therefore this is what pushes me to succeed.

As I said, I can't thank the Rotary Club enough for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to fulfil my dreams. I am extremely grateful.