This is not so much about “why I joined Rotary” but more about “how I joined Rotary”.
It was a fine Sunday and with two free tickets to the football at North Harbour Stadium, I took my next door neighbour to see the game. Working for AFF at the time gave me a free car park and entry into the upper lounges. We sat on the balcony next to another Referee, who was also a Rotarian, and started to talk about the game and other things.It turned out that this person’s son in law was also my sons teacher at Auckland Grammar and then the question popped out “do you know what Rotary is about?”
The answer was yes to a certain degree as my wife was a member of the Christchurch Rotaract when I meet her. (Sat in a shop window in New Brighton on a Saturday knitting peggy squares, although mine was more a peggy triangle). I was then asked to come along on the following Thursday to see what went on. My neighbour and I did come to that meeting. It wasn’t to be for my neighbour but I came back the following week. I was interviewed by Warren Meggatt to be a member and duly was accepted into the family of Rotarians.
At this point I owned one business and looked after another as well as running the football fixtures for Auckland and teaching Dog Obedience at Manukau Dog Training Club. I thought that joining would give me a wider base for business connections, which has been the case, give me access to more friends, and a broader view of South Auckland.
During the time I have been a Rotarian, I have enjoyed meeting the other members and knowing what they have been doing in their lives. I have enjoyed the experience of the parties, visits and projects that I have helped with and most of all knowing that I have contributed to the community that I call home.
Best wishes to all Rotarians
Martin Baucutt.