I have lived in a small community my whole life where everyone knew their neighbours and waved to every other vehicle on the road. If someone in the community was ill, we all pitched in to help with jobs or meals, collected their mail or simply called in for a cuppa and a yarn. I was brought up by my Parents with the same values.

I have been accused of being a workaholic and have a huge stamina, energy and pride in what I can achieve. The nature of my job is very solitary with little outside interaction. When Graeme approached me to come to Rotary with him, I initially thought I was going to help him to attend meetings and also to give Robyn a  break, however soon after they moved into Pukekohe.  I realised I was enjoying the inclusiveness and friendship offered by the club members, the variety of guest speakers and vocational visits, the classical concert which was way outside of my musical preferences, the Motorcycle Show and the interaction with our various Rotary Exchange students, so I stayed.

I liked the ideals of Rotary Service and and their Youth Development Programs and through Rypen, experiencing the changes they made first -hand.

I have always believed you can only change a community by being an active part of it, so am looking forward to this year as President, the challenges that will come with it, and to a larger involvement through Rotary with the wider Papakura Community.

Yours in Rotary