Well it is that time of the year again.

We would like to invite members to bring a Xmas goodie of some description for Raewyn and Dawn to put together and make up Xmas raffle prizes, as they have done in previous years. Raffle tickets will be sold to members and others who would like to purchase them and the raffle will be drawn on the day of the Rotary Xmas function in November. 

For those of you who not know, the monies from these raffles is used to purchase hams and some other Xmas edibles to be delivered by Rotary members to people who have children they are unable to provide any Xmas dinner for. These people are sourced by 2 or 3 Rotary members who are in the know of where to source these families names and addresses. These people must reside in the Papakura area.  Please help us out once again and you can either bring goodies to our Rotary meeting or deliver to either Malcolm or Barry at their homes. Dawn and Raewyn will be working on these raffle prizes on 17th and 18th November.