Members of Papakura Rotary have a long history with the community in Tonga and have travelled to the island of Vava’u each year since 2000.

Club members began working on projects in the northern group of islands by building a house for a widow with five children, erecting climbing frames for three schools and contributing school supplies and medical equipment.

In the years following we have:

  • Built four houses and added spouting and downpipes to around 60 homes in Utungake
  • Installed a piped water supply for the village of Utungake, helping 30 villagers lay 4.5km of pipe and install a deep-well electric pump and two tanks. 
  • Extended the pipeline by 2km to Talihau, a village of about 40 houses with the help of 20 locals
  •  Supplied school desks, books and toothpaste and toothbrushes.
  • Completed the water supply in Talihau and another pipeline to the nearby village of Utulei was laid. Spouting and downpipes were installed on 30 houses 
  • Connected Utulei Village to the water supply
  • An electric pump was put in to replace a broken-down diesel pump in a village on the northern side of Vava'u
  • Replaced the roof on the library in Neiafu
  • Installed solar-powered pumps, helping provide water to about 70 families
  • Replaced the original Utungake pump with a soakage system and installed 11 tanks plastic tanks so the villagers can harvest rainwater from roof runoff
  • Installed 6 deep well pumps (4 solar) in 6 villages
  • Provided beds, incubators and walkers for the Vava'u hospital 
  • Refurbished the medical centre on Hunga Island