Comment of the week from hubby - conversation went like this:
Me:  "I can't believe we have a son who has turned 34!''.
Mike:  "I can't believe I have a wife turning 60!''
On Thursday we welcomed Simon Craggs who spoke about the challenges of another long lockdown. This one in particular posed a bigger challenge than in March 2020 as it resulted in Simon & four other staff delivering 200 devices to students
without the ability to study at home.  Papakura High School received some great news from the Ministry as they are now out of statutory management after nearly eight years.  This is a major achievement with assistance given by the Turnaround School Program but Simon acknowledged his predecessor John Rohs for the work he did to turn Papakura High School around.  
Simon also acknowledge Papakura Rotary, thanking the club for our support of the school and also himself.  He suggested to any members - either past pupil or those interested in receiving their newsletter to fill out the form on school's website. Click below for the web page:  
Club Anniversaries
Congratulations to:
Rob - 17 years Papakura Rotary (21-10-2004)
Grant - 9 years Papakura Rotary (18-10-2012)
We have guest speakers booked for the next two weeks & I have included a bio on them for your interest: 
This Thursday - 21st October
Sarah Blyde - Rocket Lab Ambassador
Sarah is a project engineer at Rocket Lab, a space company that builds and launches the Electron rocket in New Zealand. She grew up in Auckland and went on to study Engineering at the University of Auckland before moving to Western Australia to work as a petroleum engineer. Whilst there, she became fascinated by the growing space industry and decided she wanted to be part of all the action so went to France to do a Masters degree in Space Studies. The pandemic kicked off halfway through and she came home to New Zealand to finish her studies remotely before ending up with her dream job at Rocket Lab! Space isn't her only passion though - you'll often find Sarah out training for her next marathon, on the water kiteboarding, or hiking up a mountain somewhere."
Thursday - 28th October
Laura Harkins 
Laura is a young lady with Down Syndrome who is showing that having a disability doesn’t stop her from excelling in multiple facets of life. With her passion and achievements in Special Olympics swimming, art and a successful soap business, Laura is showing that it is possible to break down the barriers often placed on those having a disability. 
It looks like we will be continuing our online meetings for some time which I understand does not suit us all.  Despite this extended lockdown, our club is still actively serving our community & doing as much as can to keep club initiatives ticking along - and I am grateful to you for ensuring these things are happening. 
Keep safe & take care, Sue
 See you Thursday! 
Guest Speaker:  Sarah Blyde
 28th October   Laura Harkins



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