Speaker Date Topic
Paul Catlow Oct 18, 2018
Listen up .... what aren't you hearing?
Neil Bryant Oct 25, 2018
Positive Alturistic Behaviour
RYE Outbound Cassidy Faber Nov 15, 2018
Argentina, here I come!

Outbound Rotary Exchange Student,  Cassidy Faber will give us some insight to her preparation for her upcoming exchange to Argentina.

RYE student - Caitlin Norvill Feb 07, 2019
My year in Austria
ACG Strathallan Student Feb 21, 2019
The Science and Technology Forum
Samantha Jung-Fielding Mar 14, 2019
How to Break Any Habit

Have you ever tried to change a habit? It’s incredibly frustrating to watch others succeed at breaking their worst habits when you seem to constantly fail at the first hurdle. In fact, there are just five key steps when changing any habit, and you can learn them all when behaviour specialist Samantha Jung-Fielding from Happinessence Ltd visits the Rotary Club of Papakura.  She’ll explain exactly how to get the new year off to the best possible start, and help you eradicate any of those old habits that no longer serve you!

RYPEN Participants Apr 11, 2019

The RYPEN weekend is designed to promote: teamwrok and participation: friendship and social interaction, integrity, repsect for other people and their cultures, accountability, empowerment and leadership.  

Students from Papakura High and ACG Strathallan  will share their experiences from the recent RYPEN Camp at Kokako Lodge in Hunua.