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DG Gary Langford Club Visit Nov 21, 2019
Shefali Mehta and Connor Lind Nov 28, 2019
INTERPLAST and Ambassadorial Scholar
Shefali Mehta, District 9920 Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship Chair, is proud to announce that the Rotary Club of Auckland will be hosting Ambassadorial Scholar Connor Lind from July 2019 to November 2020. 
Connor is from Tyler, Texas, in District 5830 which covers a tri-state area of north-eastern Texas, south-eastern Oklahoma and south-western Arkansas.  District 5830 refers to itself as the “Action District”.  Connor was 2018-2019 District 5830 Global Scholar.  Photo showsConnor Lind and Shefali Mehta.
Connor graduated with a Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering degree from Mississippi State University.  He chose this field to use his skills in creativity, technology and problem solving to help those less fortunate regain their independence from disease or trauma.  This passion continues with his decision to attend the University of Auckland where he will study for a degree of Master in Mechanical Engineering.  The focus of this study will be biotechnology.  The specific areas are prosthetics, exoskeletons and rehabilitation devices.  The knowledge and experience gained will allow Connor to create devices which assist people suffering from diseases such as cerebral palsy and diabetes.  It will also help them recover from other illnesses or physical trauma which limits their confidence, independence and daily activities.  Connor’s research will be under the supervision of a professor specialising in rehabilitation and treatment.
Connor says: “It is my understanding, when considering candidates for the Rotary Club Global Grant; one of the requirements is how the candidate will ultimately use their education toward the treatment of diseases as well as the training of individuals to minimize the negative effects of diseases.  This aligns with my goal to ultimately create devices which would treat those impacted with acute and chronic illnesses as well as educate the population on how these devices can be utilized to improve their quality of life.  This has always been my goal and will continue to be my goal well after I have completed my formal education.”
Source: D9920 Website
Education Scholarship Awardees Dec 05, 2019
John Boscawen Dec 12, 2019
South Pacific Business Development Foundation

SPBD is a network of microfinance organizations working in SamoaTongaFiji and the Solomon Islands dedicated to eradicating poverty by empowering women in poor rural villages with the opportunity to start, grow and maintain sustainable, income generating micro-enterprises.



Cassidy Faber Feb 13, 2020
My Year in Argentina

Cassidy has just returned from her year abroad on a Rotary Youth Exchange and will share her 'life in a year' experiences.

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MP for Papakura
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